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Nick Freeman

Work Experience

Senior Design Center
Dept. of Computer Science,
North Carolina State University

Technology Specialist / TA Jan 2015 – Dec 2018

  • Designed, implemented, and maintained a custom course management system serving thousands of stakeholders to streamline collaborative and administrative processes
    • Principal developer on the front-end (Angular) and assisted in development of the back-end (PHP/MySQL REST API) since the system’s inception in 2016
    • Continually designed and implemented new feature requirements, performance improvements, and UX enhancements (see: Project Overview: SDC System)
  • Maintained course systems infrastructure and integrations with external resources, including application servers, student project VMs, GitHub Enterprise provisioning, and CI (Jenkins) build servers
  • Closely mentored more than 80 teams and 300 undergraduate seniors to the successful completion of their capstone projects and degrees
    • Provided technical advice and assistance in software development processes, including requirements solicitation, system architecture design, implementation, and testing strategies
    • Gave constructive critical feedback on code reviews, technical documentation, and written and oral progress reports; received ACM/AITP Outstanding Grader Award for 2015–16 and 2016–17
    • Continuously researched new technologies, languages, frameworks, and standards in order to provide meaningful guidance on software and research projects sponsored by leading Fortune 500 companies spanning a multitude of industries, technology stacks, and cloud infrastructures
    • Vetted project proposals from sponsors and facilitated ongoing consensus in requirements and scope between academic needs and corporate interests
  • Independently developed an extracurricular course covering fundamental concepts in web application development focusing on modern web standards. Since 2016, I have continued to evolve the material and host a series of workshops for students at least once per semester.
  • Guest lecturer in graduate CS courses exploring git and distributed project management workflows

BD Technologies Durham, NC

Smart Devices Intern May – Jul 2015

  • Configured continuous integration and build server (JIRA/Bamboo), internal package repository (NuGet)
  • Performed technology exploration and built a prototype system for streaming real-time big data analytics applications (Apache Spark, Scala, Cassandra)
  • Assisted in development of, and performed rigorous acceptance testing for, web and iOS apps for use in medical research and development
  • Maintained documentation on internal development practices and system architectures


North Carolina State University

B.S. Computer Science, 2017

Aerospace Engineering (partial), 2011–2015

Technical Skills

extensive experience with

  • Front-end progressive web application development

    • HTML + CSS + JS (+ WA), Angular, webpack
  • Back-end web application development

    • JavaScript / Node.js, PHP / LAMP stack
  • REST API design and implementation
  • Source code management with git and project management with GitHub, GitLab
  • Technical project consultation, requirements discovery and elicitation
  • Document / documentation authorship and design

    • markdown, , Word, misc. auto-generated documentation tools
  • Public speaking

moderate experience with

  • Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) server administration
  • Relational database design (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Networking, TCP/IP, DNS
  • TypeScript
  • GraphQL APIs
  • React
  • UX / usability testing
  • Graphic design and composition for vector / SVG and raster targets
  • MongoDB
  • OAuth
  • Ethereum / Solidity

some experience with

Java / J2EE · IaaS – AWS, Google Cloud · Docker · MATLAB · VueJS · Redis · data processing & visualization – R, d3.js · PKI, X.509  · Shibboleth SSO · SolidWorks CAD modeling

Personal Work and Research Interests

Emerging technologies; ethical, societal, and economical implications of changing and increasing use of technology across domains and industries

Digital identity, authentication, PKI

Distributed and decentralized systems, edge computing

Urbanism and sustainability in energy and transportation

Technical standards and standardization processes